Renovation Chronicles – Portland Bungalow

Hi Everyone – I’m back to share details about one of the major ongoing projects happening at Two Lovely Spaces. The renovation of my Portland, OR, 1920’s bungalow. We’ve been working on the house for a little over a year now and it’s finally starting to come together. When we bought the house, it was the eye sore of the block and hadn’t been well taken care of for a number of years. Here’s a picture of the day we got the house. As you can see, NOT PRETTY. Believe me, it was even worse inside.

Original front of the house

Original front of the house

We’ve put a ton of our own blood, sweat, and even a few tears (mostly mine)  into both the inside and the outside of the house. I’ll share with all of you some of our favorite little projects, as well as one’s we still have under construction as we work to get this house in working order — with a little style along the way as well.

Here’s what the outside looks like today with some MAJOR weeding, new grass, new landscaping and some TLC. The outside still isn’t finished, but it’s much improved, don’t you agree?

Bungalow, Summer 2009

Bungalow, Summer 2009

So how did we get the house looking this way? I’ll say that my dear Luke (featured with our fabulous dog Cash in the picture above) did a ton of work. He got to rent a few “toys” aka; huge pieces of semi-heavy equipment. We consulted with a landscape architect, who provided us with a plan on the cheap and we did all the work ourselves.

Hope you guys enjoyed the “before and after’s”! We’ll be back to share much more!

Talk to you soon, Lyn


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