Back in Action!

After a LONG hiatus, we’re back in action here on the blog! There’s no excuse for the delay, but an explanation is needed. Sus and I have both been very busy, with a house move (and more decorating!), as well as a garage apartment renovation. We’ll be sharing more about both with you, so you can look forward to that, now that we’re back. To tempt your fancy, here are a couple before and after pictures of my garage apartment renovation to get you excited.

This is the upstairs part of the garage that was in the realtor’s photos prior to us buying the house. Yes, we saw this, and actually bought the house. Terrifying, isn’t it? Yes, those are deer antlers hanging from the ceiling, as well as a load of trash on the ground.

The outside of our lovely building. Also, terrifying and clearly not fit for someone to live in. Basically about to fall down.

Aaannnndddd…. drum roll please — the close to finished apartment now! Fit for a King!

Ok – maybe not quite a King, but a nice normal tenant. This is the same wall that the antlers used to be hanging from. Can you believe it? 

Here’s the outside of the garage. Not quite as nice yet, since we really need a paint job on the whole joint, but more to come on that later.

Anyhoo – we promise to be better bloggers. I’ll share more about garage renovation and the upcoming backyard spruce up, and Sus will share more about her move to a new house (yay!) and the ensuing decoration frenzy.

We’ll keep in touch!


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One response to “Back in Action!

  1. Garador

    what a great conversion! It looks so crisp with the pastel yellow paint.



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