Pouring one out for our old homie…And other good news

I’m about the celebrate the 2 year anniversary of buying our house and starting the renovation process, which is now slowly transitioning to more of a decoration process (much more fun!). Over the past several months the boyfriend and I saved up for a coveted new possession, a new couch, our first big purchase together! First let’s take a look at what we were working with before….. Not terrible, but certainly nothing to write home about. Well she’s gone to a new happy home with our lucky CraigsList purchaser.

She served us well...clearly....

After much debate about what would work best for our style and our lifestyle, we settled on buying a leather couch. Ever since we started dating, we had walked past Restoration Hardware in my old Portland neighborhood and stared at their beautiful leather couches, which we dubbed “Big Leather.” With this vision in our minds, it was tough finding something that would fit the bill, but wouldn’t cost the $4945 they were asking. Highway robbery, I say! Are there gold fittings in those couches? Are they studded with diamonds? I don’t think so! Here’s a picture of the Restoration Hardware “Maxwell” sofa, so you can take a look at the glory.

Maxwell Grand Sofa

Restoration Hardware Maxwell sofa, our "original" Big Leather

After we looked at basically every furniture store in town trying to replace Big Leather in our hearts and coming up dry, we finally stopped in at a furniture place in our neighborhood, Sellwood Furniture, that came highly recommended by friends, including the lovely Susan. Why we had waited so long, who knows, but of course they had something to offer! Sellwood Furniture is similar to Custom Sofa Design, that has recently been discussed on blogs like Little Green Notebook and Elements of Style, in that they work directly with the manufacturer to produce the furniture and operate with little in house stock, therefore they have low carrying costs and can give the furniture to you for much lower prices. It’s fantastic! The main drawback is the long wait, since they are all custom ordered, but that is well worth it since the prices are around half as expensive for the same items sold at other furniture stores. We would definitely use them again because BEHOLD our very own BIG LEATHER in all her glory! Pretty much exactly the same as the Restoration Hardware option, right? The leather is fantastic and it was worth every (more than half off the original) penny.

Big Leather

Please ignore the rest of the living room/dining room styling. We’re not quite there with all the other bits of decor, but we’re here discussing a work in progress right? I’ll be back to update you on other progress we make putting the finishing touches on the rest of the living room and dining room, which is the heart of our home. So, what do you guys think? What are you looking for in your next big purchase? Have you used Sellwood Furniture before?


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