Chandelier “fix-up” and other ramblings

I have always loved the chandelier in my in laws dining room. When we bought the house I had intentions to get a new modern chandelier. However, that all changed when I heard the sweet story from my mother in law. She had proudly purchased the chandelier, her first spendy antique for their first family home in Virginia. Through the years and from house to house it travelled from the east to the west. I decided that we could never part ways with such a special family heirloom. However, it was in need of a little fix up. The bulbs were outdated and the white plastic candle sleeves were yellow and cracking.

Once my husband had rewired the inside (bless his handy heart) and new modern shaped bulbs were purchased, it was time to address the candle sleeve covers. I had seen these Kaarskoker candle sleeves on Shades of Light, also on the blog Young House Love . I was unsure about ordering and put it off, until I saw the actual candle sleeve covers in person (for half the price) at one of my favorite Portland decor stores Cielo Home. I purchased the black and white sleeve covers on the spot and rushed home to get to work on revamping the old chandy. Below is the transformation.

Before with flicker bulbs and yellow sleeves

And after, so pretty!

Here are some pics from the Kaarrskoker website of a few products that I am eyeing, loving, and coveting.

Gold Candle Stick Covers, LOVE!

Aren’t these gold candle stick covers pretty? I love how the deco-looking pattern is contrasted with the goth black candles.

Black and White is always Fantastic

These are so Fabulous! I am a sucker for anything with a black and white color story. Also, coral is equal parts organic and modern, so naturally I adore this combination. If I didn’t have black and white everywhere on our main floor, I would snap these up in a second. However, I think my current idea of “mixing metals” requires me to have the gold rather than the coral. I am trying to add warmth by incorporating the silver and stainless steel in my house with splashes of gold. Hooray for mixing bling! More to come on that.



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4 responses to “Chandelier “fix-up” and other ramblings

  1. What an inventive way to update a classic style in an affordable way! It looks great.

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