Soup du jour..

Susan and I both love cooking and entertaining and are constantly passing back and forth great recipes and giving each other tips and tricks on things we’ve recently cooked. Well this week, I have been thinking and dreaming of delicious food, mainly because I can’t eat any of it. The boyfriend talked me into doing a “cleanse” which mainly consists of eating only fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Great for the body, not so great for the taste buds. The good news, it only lasts a week! I’ve been thinking of what I want to eat for one of our first meals, and have decided a soup is it! Yes, it’s a strange season for a soup, but I just received a Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender I purchased on RueLala, that I can’t wait to use! No more spraying soup all over my cabinets and counters with the blender that I usually use! Yes! And, here in Portland, we haven’t officially reached summer yet, so a nice cozy soup can still be ticket. 

The soup I’ve settled on is Ina Garten’s, Roasted Potato Leek Soup. I’ve made it once before, and it was just so rich and delicious, especially with those fantastic crispy shallots on top. I’ll report back next Tuesday, any tips and tricks that I come across for this batch, since it’s my second time around the block. 


Roasted Potato Leek Soup - As Ina would say "How good is that!"


So what have you guys been cooking? Any big dinner parties coming up this weekend?


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