To Paper or Not to Paper?

I am sort of obsessed with wallpaper right now. Lately there have been so many options to choose from, however, everything I am attracted to at the moment is of course black and white. Pictured below is a selection from Maison Luxe which I think could be perfect in my downstairs guest bathroom. This was also featured in the recent installation of Lonny Magazine.

Woods, Onyx/White

The competitor (pictured below) is from Cavern Home. My allegiance tends to sway toward black bird as I have been lusting after this design since it was featured in Domino several years ago. Although, I wonder if it may scare some house guest. Sometimes when I look at it I am reminded of a certain terrifying Alfred Hitchcock film….you know, The Birds. Then I think it’s just a bit goth and dramatic and that may be the point.

Blackbird, White

Sort of scary, no?

Cheers, Susan


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