Dreaming of.. a fantastic backyard

Here in Oregon, we’re still waiting for the summer to come, frankly, at this point, we’re still waiting for the spring to come. Of late, the weather has reverted back to it’s colder February like days, with clouds, rain, and cooler temps. However, I’m dreaming of a gorgeous backyard to spend my summer in, drinking Arnie P’s (Arnold Palmer’s for the layman), reading books, and having friends over for dinner parties under the stars (+ delicious wines, of course!). This weekend we’re going to start the first steps towards making that happen, so I’ve been building some inspiration files to help us along the way. I’m not even going to show you what we’re dealing with back there right now, it’s just too, too shameful. I promise to share some before and after’s once we have something other then what I like to refer to as our “mud pit/weed garden.”

Until then, here’s what I’ve got in my inspiration files.

Black and white pergola curtians to flutter in the wind via Coco + Kelly

Clean, white pergola to shade me while I drink Arnie P's

Square patio stones with a bit of greenery growing in between them

Solar chandy's to light my dinner guests

Delicious veggie's growing in my garden



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2 responses to “Dreaming of.. a fantastic backyard

  1. Luke

    I LOVE the lighting idea. Everyone should read your guys blog… You are disign GENIUSES!

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