Weekend dinner update – Soup du jour!

As I told you last week, I planned to make a delicious Roasted Potato Leek Soup, since the weather is still so crummy around here. Well the soup has been made, and it was a hit! I have a couple of tips and tricks for anyone out there who plans to make it.

I’m happy to report that the Cuisinart Smart Stick Immersion Blender that I used for the first time making this soup was worth every penny! Even though when it’s time to puree the roasted vegetables, they are still fairly large, this handy little blender took them down with no problem! So much better than moving them in between a food processor or blender. Way less mess!

Secondly, on your roasting pan, I’d suggest not using a non-stick pan. I think you can get more flavors pulled from the pan in the de-glazing process after you’re done roasting.

Finally — on the crispy shallots, definitely get a candy thermometer to help you keep an eye on the temperature of the oil/butter combo you use to crisp them. Sadly, we had no crispy shallots because I took my eye off of them for a second, and they burned. Darn!

Either way — I know Ina is proud of me 🙂 Happy LONG weekend to everyone. Come back tomorrow, because I’ve got a special surprise for you.

Fabulous! says Ina


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