Happy Birthday Susan!

Today, is a very special day for my fellow blogger Susan, it’s her big bday (no, I won’t tell you what one!). To help her celebrate, I’m going to give her all of the lovely things she covets to decorate her house…. okay, not in real life, be we’ll fake decorate for her here on the blog.

For gift one – I give to you, Jonathan Adler. Oh yes, anything and everything JA, but these are my top 2 picks.

Jonathan Adler Maurice floor lamp

Jonathan Adler British flag pillow

For my second gift, I give to you Rubie Green bedding. Eco chic, sunny and lovely.

Rubie Green bedding. Image via MadebyGirl

For my third gift, I give to you a mirrored console table for your entryway. Every girl needs a little bit of sparkle to greet her guests.

Horchow Mirrored Console table

For my fourth gift, I give to you a Thomas Paul horse head pillow. Oh horse heads, why do you add a bit of sassy quirk to every room?

Thomas Paul Horse Head pillow

And finally, for an option to wear out on the town to celebrate, I give to you a Carolina Herrera white collared shirt.

White collared shirt on Carolina Herrera via The Sartorialist

Happy Birthday Sus! Hope you have the best birthday ever. It’s your personal holiday!!!

Love, Lyn



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5 responses to “Happy Birthday Susan!

  1. Susan

    Thanks friend. Pretty sure I’d love all those gifts forever! JA Union Jack the most and the white shirt. You know I can never have enough of those!

  2. Happy Birthday, I could probably figure out how old you are, but I wont! I just remember you as our beautiful little flower girl at our wedding…almost 20 years ago. So happy to have found your blog via your MOMMA. Love to YOU, SUSAN!

  3. Lori Williams

    Lyn, You know your blogger buddy pretty well. Great choice of virtual gifts. How about a pair of the Tiffany mesh earrings to go with that Carolina blouse?

  4. holly

    Oh how I adore the Sartorialist….I’ve been going to his website for years…Jonathan Adler and the Sart in one blog? lovesit!

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