A love letter

Dear Home Goods,

Thank you for making my house decorating dreams come true. Your lovely shelves hold the keys to my accessorizing. How I love you so.

You gift me with a beautiful dining room, complete with chinoiserie vases, and Wilbur, our favorite horse head.

You provide me with the coveted starburst mirror of my dreams. Oh, my weekend shopping trips are so fulfilling strolling through your aisles. My apologies for not giving you a pretty console table to shine above.

Though I shame you with my backyard mud pit, you give me glorious black pots which will be the cherry on top of our renovation.

Home Goods, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for selling me pretty things at a low, low-cost. You are amazing and I will always love you.

Hugs and Kisses, Lyn



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3 responses to “A love letter

  1. holly

    No homegoods here in Austin…sigh. Love the chinoiserie vases. They look very similar to ones I saw in Australia’s RealLiving magazine…good work!!

  2. Lyn – I enjoyed your love letter to Home Goods. I share the love! Love the starburst mirror.

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