Jonathan Adler lovers…

You must read this! The beautiful and talented Erin of Elements of Style got to meet him yesterday and chronicles their meeting and the fact that he is just as happy and cheerful as his designs. Both Susan and I love him (as you probably guessed given our multiple mentions), and have items of his in our homes.

Here are two of them. A fishy sculpture and a penguin, which I have as a christmas ornament.

*click for links..

Here fishy, fishy, fishy....

Hope you enviously enjoy Erin’s post as much as we did!



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2 responses to “Jonathan Adler lovers…

  1. holly

    I decorated my baby’s nursery with various Jonathan Adler sculptures and think they’re the perfect combo of modern and whimsical. I use his ornaments year round on shelves, I just take off the string…

  2. twolovelyspaces

    My hypothetical baby nursery is a Noah’s Ark theme with JA animals everywhere! That is such a good idea. I love it. Send us some pics!

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