A pretty place to lunch…

Memorial Day weekend for me was spent in the lovely town of Sonoma. There are so many things I adore about Sonoma, and one of them happens to be the food. Wine country has such appreciation for food preparation, presentation, and quality. We take full advantage of the bounty (food and wine) while we are visiting. I just love exploring all the restaurants, and of course also love being inspired by the casual California decor. Below are some pictures of the beautiful E Kitchen at the El Dorado Hotel where we spent an afternoon sipping delectable wines and munching on excellent nosh.


Dining Room

I love the Big Sur communal table and the woven lighting. I also love that the only color you see here is Green. This is a theme in the entire first floor. The decor is an empty canvas so that the architecture of the interior shines as well as the thoughtfully selected furniture.

Another view

Kyoto chairs used here look so clean and sophisticated. These chairs are an excellent price for hard wood construction. Especially when you consider the fact that most chairs sold today at popular furniture stores are MDF. Even though the price just when up to $125.00, due to yearly percentage increases (darn! they were formerly $100.00) the quality and construction standards remain. I also love the varying sizes of vases on the shelves here, a la Jonathan Adler.


The “Mister” and I shared the warm olive platter as an appetizer. I highly recommend, this is not to be missed.

Patio Dining

The poolside/patio dining area is equally as beautiful. White, beige, and natural fibers play nicely here with the industrial steel Marais A chairs. Also, these chairs are well worth the investment. The story of how they came to be a Paris cafe stable is very interesting. Check out the info on these pretty chairs from DWR website: “The epitome of French café life, it’s rumored that Xavier Pauchard’s Marais A Chair (1934) was created for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. We asked the manufacturer about this, but even their records are unclear. Still, we do know that after its possible time at sea, the Marais was supplied to bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer. This arrangement ended in the 1970s, but that didn’t stop the demand for these durable chairs and stools made in France.” I just love a good “story” behind a piece of furniture, with a past like that you know these will never go out of style.

Have a lovely week! Cheers, Susan



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2 responses to “A pretty place to lunch…

  1. twolovelyspaces

    Pretty good spot. Tasty food (avoid the sliders…they’re not what they seem), great decor and even better company. However, probably much better for a ladies’ weekend!

    Keep up the good work Ladies!
    – Husband

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Husband: We will be going back. Next time order the Tuna Nicoise.

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