June Showers bring pretty Peonies

Here in Portland we have not seen the sun in weeks. The rain keeps coming, and coming relentlessly pouring from the sky. One happy thing I can report from all this dreariness is that my Peonies have never been prettier.

Peonies in the front yard

Upstairs Guest Bath

Oh Oregon, bring us some sunshine! Apparently we will have the warmest day of the year tomorrow, it’s about time. I have been enjoying gardening, but I am ready for a costume change. From rain boots and a waterproof jacket to shorts and a T shirt please!

Have a swell weekend!




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2 responses to “June Showers bring pretty Peonies

  1. holly

    love the print…where did you get it?

    • twolovelyspaces

      It was an old Japanese block print that my mother in law had lying around. She was going to get rid of it, and I said: “I’ll take it.” I need to ask her where she got it, I would love to have 2 more to stack up that wall. I will post if I find out…

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