Weekend Recipes

Since we had a nice weekend full of sun and absent of rain, we spent all our time outdoors. We spruced up the back patio (which I’ll share the progress of that little project later this week) and tested out yummy new recipes. I am happy to report that thanks to Real Simple we now have a fantastic go-to grill dish, Buttermilk BBQ chicken.


On the side I served  Green Beans with Pecans and Maple Vinaigrette. These were incredible, sweet and sour at the same time. I will definitely be adding this dish to my arsenal.


A grilling success, and an excellent pairing of the two dishes. The best part about the chicken is that it gets SO tender soaking in the buttermilk. I recommend soaking at least all day, or overnight. I absolutley LOVED it, and so did the Mister. We made extra and here is what I did with the left overs…

Chicken, Strawberry and Spinach Salad

This is one of my favorite quick meals. I use organic bagged baby spinach, shredded left over chicken, feta, pine nuts, sliced strawberries (from the farmers market this time of year), and the secret weapon: Trader Joe’s Poppy Seed Dressing. This version has half the fat of a traditional cream based dressing, and adds just the right hint of sweetness.

Nothing went to waste. This (also from previous evening) was on the side…

Left Over Baguette and Salted Butter

I think my cooking/entertaining idol Ina Garten would be proud of my weekend meals.

Anyone out there have a go-to grill recipe worth sharing? Do tell…




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4 responses to “Weekend Recipes

  1. Kari Dean

    Wow – girl – that looks beautiful and so yummy!!! Nice work- I am going to try that out!

  2. Yumtastic Suze! I have done a similar chicken for a long time marinated in greek yogurt and yellow curry powder. Trader Joes has a fantastic Thai Peanut Sauce in a jar! Steamed jasmine rice with frozen peas and diced tomatoes stired into your rice cooker about half way through and you are set. So great!

    I’ve done the exact same thing with leftover chicken too. Weird! We must be related to the greatest chef of all time – Isabel Santos – or something!

    • twolovelyspaces

      YUM! I will try the yogurt and the curry. I heart the jasmine rice, and I will have to try the peanut sauce. That is weird, hmmm…maybe we learned by taste from Grandma?

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