Two Lovely Spaces Book Club – The Help

I don’t think we’ve mentioned it here on the blog yet, but both Susan and I love to read. In fact, I love to read so much that I’ve been accused of having a reading addiction by the boyfriend. There is nothing I love better on a Saturday morning than curling up on the new “Big Leather” with a cup of coffee and a good book. One of the best books I’ve read recently is “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett, which was actually passed on to me by Susan’s Mom!

The Help is based in Jackson, Mississippi in 1962, right during the civil rights movement. It circles around two distict communities of women – the white women and the black “Help” who work in their homes. The communities are crossed when one of the white women, Skeeter, a aspiring journalist, befriends some of the Help and with their help begins to write a novel about their experiences working in the white homes. The novel is infused with lots of historical references of the times, as well as the voices and perspectives of all of these women struggling with race and womens rights during this period of our history. I flew through this book and would recommend it to anyone to read. It was fantastic!

Whenever I read I conjure images up in my head about the people, places and styles of the times and below are some images that inspired me and reminded me of this book.

Tree lined gravel road -- reminds me of the long road out to Skeeter's farm in the book

My view of Skeeter thinking and considering her decision to write the book --picture is Carey Mulligan in An Education

My view of Skeeter out on one of her dates. What a fantastic Pucci dress!!!

My view of Miss Hilly and Miss Leefolt in the book. Picture perfect 60's housewife on the outside, evil plotters on the inside. Photo via VintageVouge's flickr

View of segregation in the 60's South

Old Southern Style Mansion

Of course, the beautiful Jackie.

Grace Kelly - in 60's style bathing suit. I can imagine the gals at the country club in one of these pieces

Hope everyone heads out to pick up The Help! Let us know what you think of it!



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4 responses to “Two Lovely Spaces Book Club – The Help

  1. Lori Williams

    Excellent review of the book! I loved the photos of your visual characters and setting. I worried that you might not like it, as you are young. My era would remember some of the attitudes that were prevalent with prejudice just being accepted. I was happy that you loved it…another affirmation of you being a kindred spirit!! I loved it too! Wish I had read it slower though, I haven’t read another one that good for awhile!! Loving this blog.

  2. One of the best books of our time. I think it should be required reading for high school. I haven’t had to put a book down because I was laughing so hard in a long time. Thanks for highlighting it’s awesomeness!

  3. Lauren Dickson

    I am reading this now! I can’t put it down!

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