Decor Help…

I called out to Lyn yesterday for help. I have a problem: I pay too much for decor. Lyn has been a savior to me, she is full of creative ideas about how to spend less and achieve the same look. So yesterday I brought to her attention my issue with candle sconces. I have been lusting after these beautiful candle sconces from Williams Sonoma Home for over a year.

I have the perfect place for them. Just on either side of my dining room mirror here pictured below.

The down side is the price. Just 2 of these would cost me close to $400.o0. In Lyn’s opinion: “Too much for a accessories.” I must say I agree. I was pleased when she emailed me yesterday an image of these pretty vintage sconces (pictured below) found at an antique store in her neighborhood. Read all about it here. I love the shape of these with the lovely rope pattern. I would most likely spray them shiny lacquer white. As you can see, I don’t need any more bling in this room. The price for the set of 3 is just $75.00. Plus they are registered antiques…this is a real deal.

Most importantly I learned a good lesson here about friendship. A good friend talks you out of making a bad decision and provides you with a reasonable, affordable, and “pretty” solution to your problem. Thanks friend! When I return from my week long business trip, I will for sure drop in to check these out. Who knows, if they are still around it could mean that we are “destined” to be together. Decorator and pretty candle sconces, living happily ever after in aesthetic harmony.



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