Decor Help for Amy

Amy had some questions for Lyn and I on our blog comments. See what she wrote to us below:

Dear Susan and Lyn…

I have a decorating condundrum that I was wondering if you could weigh in on. I am looking for a new couch. I would like to buy a leather couch because I have two messy 5 year olds and a messy husband and a messy self. Leather works well for my family. I have a distressed black entertainment center and black end tables. I have a dining room table that is sort of a honey color on top, black on the bottom with a black and honey small check patterned on the seats. I don’t really have any art that I am in love with. I have recently realized the colors that inspire me are that silvery blue, glass, silver, light celery green and that rose color that is somewhere between a pink and red but muted. My question is what color should my couch be? What about accent chairs? My instinct tells me to go light on the couch but light leather looks cheap. I need a distressed, lived in look that can take the wear and tear of my family but I am so sick of neutral, boring colors that I would like accent with colors that inspire me. Please help me bring it together. The couch is such an anchor piece to a room. The couch I am getting rid of is one that I have serious buyers remorse about and have had to live with it for 6 years. I don’t want to make the same mistake. Thanks girls!

And here is our visual solution to Amy’s problem.

Here is the source list:

1. Z Gallerie:  Mariposa Floor Lamp 2. Target: Bird and Floral Slipper Chair 3. Velocity Art and Design: Thomas Paul Melamine Plates 4.  Target: Dwell Studio Reversible Pillow 5. Z Gallerie: Mariposa Urns 6. Target:  Dwell Studio Reversible Privet Pillow 7. Crate and Barrel: Axis Leather Sofa 8. Target Crystal Lamp 9. Velocity Art and Design: Thomas Paul Melamine Plates 10) Velocity Art and Design:  Thomas Paul Platter 11) IKEA: Soli Wall Mirror

Okay here is the big idea for Amy. She needs a couch and a new look. She needs a functional couch for an actual family and not a design magazine. We say in this situation, leather all the way. Not just any leather, dark leather. The best part about dark leather is that it ages over time, so scratches and wear/tear can look “meant to be there.” With so many new styles and options, we say a sleek modern silhouette (like above) is the look to love. We suggested quality leather sofa, as this will be an investment piece and is not the place to scrimp. We say, invest in something that will be around for a long time and look to accent pillows, and extras as a place to save money.

Amy also wanted advice on accent chairs. Because she has little ones, we say choose a style that is on the less expensive side, and a classic shape that can be recovered if little hands create lasting stains. These chairs could easily be recovered by a removable slip cover (note: these are fairly inexpensive to have made if you find the right place). For the time being, this modern print is fun and bright. Amy wanted some green accents and we say a lime green is a happy way to punch in some color. The general theme here was nature inspired, which is why we went with the modern bird print on the chair and in the blue Dwell Studio accent pillow (which reverses to a pretty chevron for variation). Also, this pillow has a bit of black. Amy mentioned that her side tables are black, and we wanted to incorporate some black in the pillows, so that the tables are tied into the new decor. The nature theme helps to brings the feeling of the outside-in, and balance the look of the dark leather

When adding the extra’s to a feature piece like a leather sofa, accessories need to be chosen carefully. Because leather can look overwhelming, the accessories need to be light and airy. So we suggest…glossy white, clear-transparent hits, and mirrors galore. And speaking of mirrors, these IKEA Soli wall mirror squares are the best. Sold in a pack of 4 at $4.99 (a steal) these can be layered in any pattern to create an open feel and will help to fill space. Talk about inexpensive artwork! And more on that, we love decorating with platters and plates, especially in a family room that opens to a kitchen. These can be hung in a fun pattern with cheap plate holders purchased almost anywhere. (For a reference click here) This is a creative and fairly inexpensive way to create a diverse art wall.

Finally just a bit of info on the lighting here. We love crystal lamps to help balance the dark brown (especially the less spendy versions from Target). Also, the glossy white floor lamp will add a modern touch as well as brighten the space. Last but not least, we want to address how small updates can make a bit difference. Amy mentioned that she has an old black check pattern on the seats. Re-covering dining seat chairs is a simple and dramatic way to make something old look new. Check out the easy tutorial here. We suggest Amy re-cover her seats with either of the 2 prints below. Key West here or Andina here. Though, The Key West print is our favorite and helps to incorporate that rosy pink that Amy loves.

Key West Print

Andina Print

So go forth and decorate Amy, and keep us up to date on the progress.




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5 responses to “Decor Help for Amy

  1. I wanted to wait until Mike and I looked at the suggestions together to comment. First of all, we feel totally grateful that you took the time to put this together for us. But that’s just what you do, given your awesomeness and all. But the thing we are so in awe of is how you knew EXACTLY what we wanted when we didn’t. Mike looked at your selections and his exact quote is “wow Aim, it’s the living room we wanted. Exactly!” We both we blow away how you knew we liked birds and touches of pinky red and a couch with a low arm and that we wanted to keep the couch neutral but needed to lighten things up a lot. You obviously know what you are doing AND you pay attention to me which solves both my need for decor and attention.

    We are going with the chairs, the white sculptures, all the pillows, the mirrors, the bird plates, the table lamp and the second fabric choice for the chairs. We just paid a pretty penny for new floor lamps that are black with white shades. What should I do with them? Keep them? Spray paint them white? Get a colored shade?

    As far as the couch goes we love the one you recommended. But Mike reserves veto power if he sits on it and it’s not comfortable. I reserve veto power if the leather isn’t HIGHLY cleanable and durable. We are hard on a couch.

    I am going to go ahead and get slip covers for the chairs as soon as I get them. I’ll pick a fabric similar to the original and leave it on when it’s just us. Then, when company is set to come over I’ll remove the cover and let the original fabric shine.

    I love this so much! I felt so lost and I feel like I have a direction and motivation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You both are destined to become famous designers with a huge following. I see a Bravo or HGTV series in your future!

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Great, let us know how we can be of service to help you get it done. Plus we would love to see pictures of the final product.

  3. I have been checking out many of your stories and i can state pretty clever stuff. I will make sure to bookmark your website

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