Dining Room Focal Wall Ideas

Hi there. I am puzzled about my dining room wall. I have been slowly trying to fix up this room and incorporate the style into the rest of my home. I am (no pun intended) hitting a wall.

My Bare and Un-Inspiring Dining Room Wall

I love symmetry, and so my first thought was to place pretty candle sconces on either side of the mirror. Though now I am thinking that a nice display of plates might allow me to play with asymmetry and break out of my comfort zone. Check out what Teresa from the lovely blog The Stamford Wife did here in her dining room.

Pretty Blue Plates=Lovely Art Wall

I have been inspired by plate art walls ever since I was a guest at the gorgeous Viceroy Hotel for a buying trip years ago. So maybe I am meant to have one of my very own some day. See below the massive grey and white display of plates from the poolside bar at the Viceroy.

Image Courtesy of Remodelista Blog

Also check out this post by Remodelista about decorating with plates. There are some amazing and inspiring images. Here are the plates that I am admiring and loving for my space. Images courtesy of the beautiful local Portland shop Cielo Home.

Wall Medallion, yes please

John Derian...oh how I love him

More John Derian...I want it all

And again, John Derian

Check out the full range of John Derian at Cielo Home here. Now I just need to save so I can buy all these pretty plates and create my own special wall of loveliness.

Happy Friday. I wish you fun times with friends, good food, and lot’s of sunshine.




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2 responses to “Dining Room Focal Wall Ideas

  1. I like the idea of plates!
    I love symmetry, but done in an assymetrical way – s0 that it’s still balanced, but not predictable. You could perhaps relocate the two pictures so that they’re in a vertical line to the left of the mirror, and have a few plates above and to the right of the mirror to balance out the pictures on the left.

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Hmmm….good idea. Those pics will be moving to the living room. But I like that thought. I have prints I could do that with, just means I need to go out and buy some plates to hang on the wall. Thanks for the suggestion!

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