Dreaming of Tuscany…

Let me be honest: when Friday rolls around, my head is usually in the clouds. However, this Friday…my head is in Tuscany. Last night the Mister and I were reminiscing about our family Italian get-away in 2008. The reason: I have been trying to wrangle my pictures from the trip into an album (all 500 of them). I am determined to get it done this summer! All that talking about Italy made me realize that I had to share some amazing and inspiring pictures with you. Allow me to set the scene. We stayed in a lovely town in the countryside just a quick drive or train ride to any beautiful Tuscan city. We woke up early, ate a bit of breakfast , and spent the days exploring towns and cities. Then we would drive home, cook a lovely and simple meal, open a bottle of wine…and chat about what a fantastic day it had been. Yes, that is what we did for one whole week. Which is why, this July I am missing this trip. However, my favorite day out of the week was different. On this particular day (my favorite day in history, besides my wedding day of course) we took a cooking class. Let me walk you through the visuals of the day.

Here is what I saw when I woke up on my (second) favorite day ever…

The beautiful view from our Tuscan Villa

Next we were scooted off to a cooking class on our property. We learned how to make fried squash blossoms, pasta (from scratch), cold spaghetti sauce, Gnocchi, stuffed chicken, and a lovely plum tart. Here are some amazing shots of the day.

Here is the start of the pasta, and that is our gracious chef and instructor Vallia

There was plenty of this

Squash blossoms and melon wrapped in proscuitto, the first course

Gnocchi with local foraged mushrooms, mmmm!

Spaghetti with cold "no cook" tomato sauce

Chicken stuffed with handmade sausage and sage...divine!

Cheese with pepper jelly

Plum tart (fresh from Vallia's organic garden) with pine nut crust...heavenly

And with dessert, the best sparkly wine ever, (In my opinion) which tasted like lavender, honey, and hmmm, beauty. Yes, it tasted like beauty would taste, if it had a taste.

Finally, biscotti and a nice espresso to finish

With bellies full of delicious food and heads a bit fuzzy from loads of wine, we ended the afternoon here…

Our very own private swimming pool

Can you see why this goes down as the best day ever?? I have been meaning to try out some of the recipes we prepared on this day and when I do, I will share them with you. I am waiting until the warm sun brings us Oregonians some fresh tomatoes.
Happy Friday!


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4 responses to “Dreaming of Tuscany…

  1. Susan~
    What a awesome trip! Great memories for you and Kevin! I would love to try the sparkly wine. Do you think you can get it at World Market?
    Love Tara~

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Hi Tara,

    I will ask my father in law tonight. He gave us a couple bottles on our 1 year anniversary. Those were purchased in California, but I will let you know when I ask him where we can find locally.

  3. Erin Jensen

    Ok I have to know where you stayed??? It looks amazing. We are going to make it to Italy one day. Also I wanted to comment that the chair with the trolly signage on the back might be one of the coolest chairs ever!!

    • twolovelyspaces

      Arezzo was the exit from the highway. And the small town we were actually in was Rassina. Check out this website http://www.tuscany-villas.it/ Not sure if this is the company that my in-law’s used to book the trip, looks similar and I recognize some of the locations. I hope you get there soon! Send us pics if you do.

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