Weekend Window Shopping

This weekend I was out and about around PDX browsing for a client. That’s right you read this correctly, a client. We have an exciting announcement, we have landed our first official design job. More to come on that later this week, for now I want to share with you some of the pretty objects I spied while I was strolling around town.

Here are some lovely little things from  Thea’s Vintage Shop in the Pearl.

Vintage Tin Letters, a screaming deal and so fun to spell out a name, saying, or special word in all different colors and fonts

Teal, coral, and gold lamp. Yes, please!

Vintage British trolley sign, I'll take one! Or two, or three.

Love that glass dome. Could be used for cheese, or to display a pretty object or heirloom.

Recovered, re-furbished chair. I love you!

Recovered, re-furbished chair. I love you!

Re-furbished chair. Lovely, wait till you see the back...

Back is covered in vintage trolly sign!!! Amazing!

Lastly, chandeliers galore. You know Lyn and I love chandy's!!! These are real gems.




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