Bathroom inspiration

Wowsers! Though I have no plans to renovate our bathroom any time soon (though I sure would like to – darn you yellow tile!!!!), I came across these pictures on Decor Demon of designer Betsy Burnham’s kids rooms, and geez louise are they awesome.

Are you kidding me with that snakeskin mirror, that wallpaper and those roman shades? I don't even know what to do with myself!

Loving the vintage looking, marble, black and white tile with the pop of red.

What I love about both of these is that it shows you can mix all different, colors, patterns and textures and a room can still come together and look fabulous. What I think makes it work in this bathroom, is the focus on the black and white color combo, so even though you are adding in other patterns and textures, really in the end, all it is, is a pop of color in the wallpaper and accessories.

So what do you guys think? Would you be bold enough to do this in your home?

 Enjoy! Lyn

*all images via  Decor Demon. Produced, written & directed by Brian Patrick Flynn, styled by Betsy Burnham, photographed by Sarah Dorio




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5 responses to “Bathroom inspiration

  1. Betsy and her team are amazing. I seriously love everything they do!

  2. Erin Jensen

    Love it! it is interesting yet clean looking. This is the kind of thing that makes me wish I ran a B&B so I could decorate each room in a different style!

    • twolovelyspaces

      Totally agree! How fun would it be to decorate each room/space with a fun different theme? I love going to B&B’s like that.

  3. twolovelyspaces

    I know, I keep staring at it. So beautiful!

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