Art wall on the cheap

I have this bizarre wall in the guest room that I spent the last few months trying to figure out the perfect fix for. Because it is in the guest room, and thus rarely seen (unless we have an overnight guest) I wanted to keep it inexpensive. On a recent trip to Sonoma, I was strolling through some galleries and found some amazing post cards for $2.00 each. I bought 5 of them and here is what I did with them….

I found simple frames at Target for $2.99. That’s a grand total of $24.95 for everything. Got to love pretty art work for that price tag. I am still working on the rest of the room and will post the progress soon.




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2 responses to “Art wall on the cheap

  1. MaNai

    WHAT Picture frames for $2.99??? Do you have the name of the frames? Was it recent trip to Target? I need to get a dozen of those from my local target lol!

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Hi There,

    I was unable to find these for sale online for this post, but yes it was a recent trip to Target. About a week ago. Hope that helps. I love Target for frames!

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