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Hi All,

My sis in law sent me this really incredible article from the New York Times. The author examines a book published in 1950 by industrial designers Mary and Russel Wright. The book was called “Guide to Easier Living.” I was really struck by this and I’m interested to hear what you think of it. The article can be found here. The Wright’s played a huge part in the way we live today, I did not know this. Another interesting point of the article was that in the quest to make things more “simple” it seems we have added more complication to our lives. I strive to keep things simplistic around my home, and I find that from what I read of other blogs like mine, so do all of you.

So what do you make of this? I really want to know…



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  1. I found this post fascinating. I agree with the fact that the Wright’s had the correct idea about simplifying our lives so that we might be less stressed and enjoy our families and friends more. However, I also agree it has not translated into a simplified existence. As I sit here at 9:36 on a Friday night, I have spent the past hour updating email contacts, organizing a new blog for Mike’s family, cleaning out my inbox all the while having a show that I had recorded on in the background and listening to Mike and the girls play some video game about learning to do math. We are in the same room and have about six different things going on all around us…none of which is necessary. I long for a more simple life. I am very determined to find ways to make my home more streamlined and my life more simple. I love this blog for this VERY REASON. I have received so many great ideas from you both. I just bought the latest issue of “Real Simple” magazine because Susan highlighted their three ingredient dishes. They are fabulous. I can’t wait to try more of them.
    Keep the ideas coming ladies…you have at least one reader that is becoming a big fan!

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