Blog Love – Absolutely Beautiful Things

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m back today to showcase a blog I go to often for inspiration called absolutely beautiful things. Anna Spiro is the author of the blog, a proud Australian, as well as store owner of Black and Spiro, which has just undergone a major facelift. We’re lucky enough to see the finished product of the store refinishing, featured on her blog. Not only do I love Anna’s personal decorating style, which is filled with bold colors and a touch of whimsy, but my younger sister lives in Australia and I love to think about her one day going to the store and checking it out for me! I hope to visit her there one day, so I can check out all of the amazing style inspiration (and because I love her!!). Until then, these images from Anna’s store opening will have to suffice.

White walls, black glossy and pops of color? You had me at hello!

Anna's skirted tutu desk at her shop. So whimsical!

While I'm not normally a big pink fan, I love this room for inspiration on using color and pattern together. What a bold way to decorate!

So what do you guys think? Do you love Anna’s shop? Has anyone been to Australia to check out their fun and casual style? A couple of other inspiring Australian decor sites — The wonderful blog Ish and Chi and their magazine a la Domino, Real Living.


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