Thomas Paul Fall Preview!

Susan and I have talked about our love for Thomas Paul several times here and here. Well I was checking out Design Sponge yesterday (t-minus 5 days until they are here in Portland!), and they were kind enough to put up the fall preview of Thomas Paul’s line. OH BABY! There are some gems in there. Our favorites of the bunch are:

These fantastic chevron pillows. You know Susan’s current love of chevron from her upcoming upholstery project.

Octopus shower curtain! I think this might be just the thing to spruce up our sad little bathroom. Yellow, yellow everywhere, needs just a touch of whimsy.

Horse throws! My personal obsession for horse decor is also well documented, here and here. I need to make a confession about that too. Honestly, I’m scared of horses in real life. Every time I’m around them I’m terrifed, so I really can’t explain why I think they are so awesome in my home. I’m been lusting after some horse photographs for awhile now too. Sorry for the random aside…

*All images via Design Sponge

Anyway – what do you think about the fall collection? You can check out more of a preview over on Design Sponge.



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3 responses to “Thomas Paul Fall Preview!

  1. LOVE the pillows! And shower curtain!

  2. holly

    you are hilarious!

  3. Kate

    I am terrified of horses too.

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