Blog Love: i suwannee

Both Susan and I read other design blogs tirelessly, and many of them were the inspiration for us to get started on blogging ourselves. Today, I wanted to feature one of my favorite blogs that provides a endless source of design inspiration and humor. The blog is i suwannee, which is written by the talented Jamie Meares. One of my favorite features on her blog, and the thing that initially had me coming back over and over, is her “Bookcase of the Day” posts. Not only am I super passionate about reading, but ever since I was a kid and went to those “Showcase of Homes” tours with my Mom, I have ALWAYS wanted a huge, floor to ceiling bookcase in my home. You know, one with one of those sliding ladders that you can climb up to pick your favorite book of the shelf? One day I tell you, one day…

Here’s some of my favorites from her blog —


Cooking tools and white tile with black grout? Yes please!



Horse heads! + other great things



Not only does i suwannee have great bookcases, but Jamie has her own shop called Furbish Studio, which is based in North Carolina (and will soon have a online shop). She buys vintage furniture and refinishes it, and it is ALL beautiful! Her blog provides an endless source of inspiration for great DIY projects and the fact that old/ugly furniture can be brought to life with beautiful paint and fabric choices.

Here are a few of my favs –



Pretty chevron loveseat. I know I would be in love if I was on it.


red cane chair w/ zebra cushion


In short, 1. how cool is that stuff? Awesome, I know. 2. Everyone should check out i suwannee! Do it! Do it now!


– Lyn



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4 responses to “Blog Love: i suwannee

  1. her blog IS amazing, you are so right. love her writing style and the stuff in her shop!

  2. I agree. Love I Suwanee. Her shop is only and hour away from me. I must make a trip there soon.


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