A “Betty Draper” for your own home

I was over on Caitlin Creer Interiors, one of Susan and my favorite blogs and came across a feature she did the other day about artist Leslie Graff’s paintings. I had to post them because I know Susan will love them. You see, as she’s said in a previous post she (and now I) are obsessed with Mad Men. We’re evening planning a Mad Men night out on the town with our fellas, where we’ll eat  at a classic Portland establishment ((most likely 5,000 oysters if my boyfriend has anything to do with it) and drink Martini’s and Gimlets until we have to cab it home. So in honor of Susan’s love, here are  a few of my favorite Leslie Graff paintings.

*all images copyright Leslie Graff

Loving the black and white floors in these and the vintage fixtures/style of them. I know Susan will too!

If you can’t afford a full painting and what to keep it cheap. She has cards of all of the paintings in the series, which would be easy to frame and hang together.

 Also, full pricing for all of her prints are below.

Giclee on paper:
12″ x 18″ = $30 plus shipping
20″ x 30″ = $60 plus shiping

Canvas prints:
12″ x 18″ = $40 plus shipping
20″ x 30″ = $90 plus shipping

Hope you enjoy them! Would you hang these in your home?

– Lyn


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