A sneak peak of my backyard…and front porch

Yesterday afternoon while snapping a few shots of the front porch, I proceeded to lock myself out. So, as I waited for the Mister to get home, I was able to do some yard  work I had been planning on getting to this weekend. Oh well, it was a nice evening and allowed me some time to trim, water, and tend to some of my plants. I have not described my property before, but it is pretty intimidating. We purchased my husbands childhood home last October from my in laws, so this is our first summer. My mother in law has a bright green thumb and I was really nervous to take on the job of caring for her 26 year old plants. Yikes. I do have to say that we have done a pretty swell job (so far). Just check out how well the hydrangeas are doing…

And the Clematis is looking green and very much alive…

My favorite project of the spring/summer though has been the front porch swirly trees. (not the name, but I like to call them that) Below is a pic of the day I brought them home from the nursery.

And after a few pretty annuals (sweet potato vines and begonias) and a few months of watering, this is what we have.

I think I am turning out to have a light green thumb, pretty good for my first summer in the new place! I love gardening, it’s like decor for the outside of your home. What about you guys?…Any small or big outdoor projects you have underway? I know Lyn has a doozy and will be blogging the full progress soon.




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6 responses to “A sneak peak of my backyard…and front porch

  1. Your yard is beautiful! And yes, your thumb is definitely green. That is so sweet that your first home is one from within the family.


    • twolovelyspaces

      Thanks Rene. It is actually our second home. Our first was a fixer-upper and we spent the last 2 years remodeling. We sold it to purchase this home, which was a huge space to take on considering how manageable the other house was….but a great situation! I love this house and we plan on being here forever.

  2. What a pretty yard and I LOVE your containers by the front door! You certainly have a green thumb – all the plants look so happy and healthy. Can’t wait to see more pics of your home:).

  3. Bllee

    Great look….the clematis are awesome. Mine look exactly the same but no blooms

  4. Kari Dean

    Susan your yard looks lovely!!! Well done…I aspire to have at least a pale green thumb!

  5. Amy

    Is it possible you and your Mom got locked out on the same day? Your/Mother In Law’s hydrangeas are gorgeous! My thumb is pitch black. You are doing so great! I see your house as the Ina’s of great northwest!

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