Ideas galore for a lovely beach house

My parents and their friends are building a beach house on the Oregon coast. I was so happy when my parents told me, and immediatly the designer in me began spinning my wheels, and shuffling through my mental inspiration files. So I was delighted when my mom asked me to come up with an inspiring mood board as she and her friends embark on this journey.

First we needed a guiding light. Enter the best movie set beach house of all time. The house from “Something’s Gotta Give.” You know it. Check it out. I would move here in a minute, would you?

Dreamy Kitchen! This reminds me of the Barefoot Contessa kitchen.

Shot from the opposite side.

The cozy living room

And a shot from the other side

There are so many things to LOVE about this house and if you have seen the movie you know that it is visual eye candy for 2 solid hours. I just love that the entire scheme is white, blue, and neutral with subtle punches of color. (No shells, or cheesy beach signs in sight). Also, the materials are natural which allows the coastal feel to take center stage.

Here are my slightly more modern picks for the house. Just to wet the palette, later I’ll post my full mood board.

Starting with the new Oasis couch from Crate and Barrel. I promise, this is so much more lovely in person.

To be accented with Thomas Paul pillows. You know he’s my favorite.

Moby Dick pillow

Anchor pillow

This fish pillow because mixing orange and blue is a fun way to add in some pop

Wood Chandy

Crate and Barrel side table

To mimic the rug in the inspiration picture, pretty some fabric

I have many more ideas to come. I just need to sort through all of my thoughts.



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