Re-covering an ottoman

Hi There! I am pleased to announce that my ottoman re-covering project is now complete. Last night the Mister and I tackled this fun little job that I had previously blogged about here. I saw the idea on one of my favorite blogs, Caitlin Creer Interiors and decided to try it out for our own home. I had been searching for a lovely Chevron and Lyn found this one for me. Thanks friend! I had purchased the ottoman from Home Goods for $54.00, which I got for 10% off because of a small tear in the ugly fake leather. No biggie, as I had planned on covering that up as soon as possible. The original intention was to use 2 of these ottomans and make a coffee table. This idea, though economical, was just not right for the space. So instead, we purchased a new coffee table (which I’ll post pics of as soon as it arrives) and decided to use this as a true ottoman/footrest for the chair in our sunroom.

Here is the before shot…

First, we pulled off the backing carefully so we could re-use it. Since the corners were sewn down, we didn’t have the option to pop it off, cover, and reattach. We had to be a bit crafty. So we used a staple gun to secure each side, making sure our pattern was straight on top.

Next was the tricky part. We had to cut the corners and create a fold. Then slice the fabric short at the corners in order to stuff it up under the legs with a kitchen knife. (I know, we are sort of novice at this) I think we did a pretty good job with the folding and the stuffing…

The finished product…

What do you think of my project? A success? Any pointers on how you have tackled this type of project in the past?

My sun room is almost complete. I can’t wait to share the finished pics with you next week when the new coffee table arrives.




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5 responses to “Re-covering an ottoman

  1. You did a great job! Love that fabric.


  2. It looks great! You did a very nice job with the corners. The fabric works nicely with the other accents in the room.

  3. twolovelyspaces

    Thanks ladies. It took a bit longer than I had anticipated, but I am pleased with the result.

  4. Susan! Brilliant. So well done! Thanks for sharing your project…now I have the ottoman itch!

  5. VERY much a success! Lovely, you did a fantastic job! Very crafty. Love how it turned out!

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