Our apologies…

Hi everyone! Just wanted to confirm that yes, we are alive and well! So sorry we’ve been bad bloggers! Real life has caught up to us once again and Susan and I have just been SO busy at work and other adventures, we’ve neglected you. Well that is all over today, because I’m back with a few pieces of inspiration to share with you!

The boyfriend and I have been discussing re-decorating (and/or decorating at all) our bedroom this year. We’re on a super tight budget these days, so this will definitely be a long term project, but I think I’ve found the perfect start off point! This beautiful rug from Williams Sonoma Home. Yes, you heard me WSH — usually not for those of us who are budget conscious, but they’ve just come out with a line of casual rugs with more affordable prices. This beauty is only $148 for a 6×9, and it definitely falls in line with my love for all things ikat!

Printed Diamond Ikat Rug

Other options I’ve been looking into is an upholstered bed. Of course, who doesn’t love the Crate and Barrel Colette bed, but what’s not to love is the price. Well, one of our favorite bloggers, Camilla, from High Heeled Foot in the Door solved all my problems with her affordable ($270!) DIY Colette Bed!¬†Hopefully, we’ll be taking on this project sometime this year too!

Finally — as a random aside – Rue Magazine comes out tomorrow, and I for one, am super excited! I’ll be back with some love for Rue tomorrow, as I’m sure it’s going to be an inspiration to us all!

Until then, our apologies to you all for leaving you in the dark, dark world of the internet, all alone. We promise we’ll be better bloggers. Until then, welcome to fall!



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2 responses to “Our apologies…

  1. yay! what a gorgeous rug…the perfect starting point…love it!

  2. I soooo feel you on life getting so darn busy! Cheers to a relaxing Fall for you two:)!

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