Working Weekend…

This weekend I am working. Normally I would be real ticked about that, but this is FUN work. A few weeks ago I posted my preliminary ideas for my Mom’s upcoming beach home construction here. She and her friends loved my ideas, so I am consulting on a few other rooms in the home. Exciting? I think so. Above is a rough 10 minute attempt at one of the guest rooms. Pulled from West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and All Modern. We will see how everything comes together tomorrow on our shopping trip. Weekend work=shopping which is always a recipe for a good time.

Happy Weekend.




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3 responses to “Working Weekend…

  1. fun fun fun! Good luck with all your shopping. So exciting, seems like the look is pulling together really nicely! love your board you made!

  2. twolovelyspaces

    Thanks Mary. More to come!

  3. Yes please. Love the inspiration board. Have fun!


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