The nursery, finally some progress

Hi There,

That was a long break. My life has been consumed by parenting books, birthing classes, and product research. I never knew how preparing for a little one would suck up all my time. I can’t imagine what life will be like when he actually arrives. I do have a design-related (non-boring) baby post coming soon as a result of my long delay.

Back to business. Check out the progress on our nursery.

Above is a picture of the fabric decal tree we finally decided on. This was a fun project my Mister and I tackled over the Christmas break. I was really excited to try out a decal, and a fabric one at that. All in all, the process went pretty smoothly. My only complaint is that since the decal is actual fabric, and not vinyl, it kept tearing as we were trying to pry it loose from the sticky adhesive. A bit of scissor action, and a razor blade came in handy. For sure, this was a 2 person job due to the size of the tree trunk and the layout of the design. You need someone to eyeball from afar and someone to apply the leaves. (Me sitting in a comfy chair while my Hubby applied the leaves worked for us!)

This is from the website Trendy Peas, which I found (through Lyn) on one of my favorite design/cooking/mom blogs Fly Through Our Window. Checkout both sites when you have a second.

Next, I am looking for a mobile to compliment my semi-theme of jungle animals. I have three cute prints I purchased from a local shop, a monkey, giraffe, and elephant. I love these two options below, but I also have a possible DIY mobile idea brewing in my mind that I may have time to squeeze in before the baby comes. We will see.


Lastly, my pouf arrived!!! The best footrest ever. This was a very generous gift and was purchased from Serena and Lily, where the bedding came from. I can’t wait to see the pouf with the chair we special ordered from a local shop.

Which mobile do you like? Happy almost Friday.




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5 responses to “The nursery, finally some progress

  1. How nice to hear from you today! The nursery is looking good! I think I’m partial to the monkeys. I hope you are well.


  2. LOVE! I think I like the first mobile – adorable! If you do a DIY mobile, might I be able to twist your arm and get you to do a guest post on Restored Style?

  3. twolovelyspaces

    Hi Kirsten…Yes, yes, yes. But I have to warn you sometimes I get antsy because I’m sort of a buyer before a DIY-er. 🙂 I would love to guest post if I get the time to DIY one. -S

  4. I love the tree decal – it looks great!

  5. I rather like the wood block animals. They cast beautiful shadows and seem more in tune with the natural elements suggested by the tree. 🙂

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