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My Kitchen…for now

Here is a shot of my kitchen with the Thomas Paul plates that I had previously blogged about here. I love those melamine plates so much I have suggested the use of them in other projects, like the idea board we put together for Amy here. I would eventually love to ditch the recessed lighting and hang pendant lights above the island….but as my Mister says, “One thing at a time.”

He reminds me of that because when we moved in we replaced the floor, countertops, backsplash, sink, the dishwasher and the micro. We also painted the base of the island which used to be a light birch color. We also rushed to finish as our previous home was on the market at the time. I think he is a bit tired of projects. Luckily, he has me for motivation! A pendant light above the sink would look great too. If you agree, I’ll tell him you said so.

We purchased a new table a few months back and I am loving it. The only problem is the maintenance. The marble shows EVERYTHING, even water spots. After a panicked phone call on what to do, the helpful staff at Crate and Barrel suggested a thin, custom piece of glass be applied to the top. So I am on the case, calling around to get the best price on that. I love the idea, because it won’t tamper with the look.




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The nursery, finally some progress

Hi There,

That was a long break. My life has been consumed by parenting books, birthing classes, and product research. I never knew how preparing for a little one would suck up all my time. I can’t imagine what life will be like when he actually arrives. I do have a design-related (non-boring) baby post coming soon as a result of my long delay.

Back to business. Check out the progress on our nursery.

Above is a picture of the fabric decal tree we finally decided on. This was a fun project my Mister and I tackled over the Christmas break. I was really excited to try out a decal, and a fabric one at that. All in all, the process went pretty smoothly. My only complaint is that since the decal is actual fabric, and not vinyl, it kept tearing as we were trying to pry it loose from the sticky adhesive. A bit of scissor action, and a razor blade came in handy. For sure, this was a 2 person job due to the size of the tree trunk and the layout of the design. You need someone to eyeball from afar and someone to apply the leaves. (Me sitting in a comfy chair while my Hubby applied the leaves worked for us!)

This is from the website Trendy Peas, which I found (through Lyn) on one of my favorite design/cooking/mom blogs Fly Through Our Window. Checkout both sites when you have a second.

Next, I am looking for a mobile to compliment my semi-theme of jungle animals. I have three cute prints I purchased from a local shop, a monkey, giraffe, and elephant. I love these two options below, but I also have a possible DIY mobile idea brewing in my mind that I may have time to squeeze in before the baby comes. We will see.


Lastly, my pouf arrived!!! The best footrest ever. This was a very generous gift and was purchased from Serena and Lily, where the bedding came from. I can’t wait to see the pouf with the chair we special ordered from a local shop.

Which mobile do you like? Happy almost Friday.



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Make room for baby…!

As if the finishing details of our home were not enough to focus my full time attention to, we now have an entire room remodel to take on. A baby room. That’s right we are expecting a baby in March. We are over the moon excited and feel so blessed. Naturally, one of the nesting activities that excites me the most about this new addition is…the nursery.

We decided to keep the theme gender neutral. No we are not waiting to find out the sex, we have an appointment in a couple weeks for that. We just want to keep a neutral theme and palette so we can transition another baby into the room in the next pregnancy. Since we would ideally like to have siblings close together, I see no reason to spend money all over again when another baby comes along.

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff. Check out my ideas below…

This classic Jenny Lind crib is what we decided to go with. I love this because the style is so classic, has been around FOREVER, and will never go out of style. Plus, there was a screaming deal at our local store here. I love supporting local small business and was so excited when we discovered my favorite crib design of all time was available. Plus, this style is sustainable, lead free, and non toxic. Check out the manufacturer here. Can it get any better?

Here is the crib set I chose. Serena and Lily Rory pattern. I had been eyeing this set even before I was pregnant. Then, it was marked down to clearance to make way for new inventory, and I knew it had to be mine.

We have a family heirloom rocking chair (which I cannot wait to show you a snap shot of…it’s beautiful). Since it’s not a glider, I will need something to rest my feet on. I love this Moroccan pouf from Serena and Lily. Though, the price tag is a bit steep. I know John Derian sells one as well here. Does anyone know where else these are available for a better price? I do have to say that I would spend a pretty penny on this investment pice, as it would transition to any room in the home post baby.


This is the current color of the walls in the room, Devine’s Muslin. I love the way it looks and I will keep it as I think it’s the perfect neutral base.


For the walls….either of the sweet decals.




This one above is fabric vs vinyl. Does anyone have experience with either one? I am curious as I have never attempted wall decals before. Let me know if you have any advice.



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A break, and other news

Hi All. We have been on a break, a long one. One month to be exact. Lyn has been crazy busy at work, and I have been crazy busy at life. A month ago, I decided to leave my job in product creation of 5 years, to pursue this blog full-time. I will also take on design work and projects on a part-time basis. I am super excited to have some more time on my hands to work on my own projects, as well as be available to help others with their home decor/improvement needs.

In other “big news” I just made a really important purchase. New dining room chairs. I have been spying/coveting these chairs for years and I finally saved enough to get them. (Also had some serious convincing to do with the Mister). Check out below and please understand that the dining room is a work in progress.

These are the Victoria Ghost chairs. I purchased from a local store here in Portland, Hive Modern. They were outstanding to work with, delivery was prompt and courteous. Before you freak at what I paid for the chairs, I have to explain the rest of the furniture in the space. The table was given to us by a dear family friend. (It is an antique Duncan Phyfe) We only paid to refinish the top, which I was told is rare Honduran mahogany. Score! The houndstooth parsons chairs were a housewarming gift from my mom and dad. Thanks! The solid wood antique hutch was $200.00, I purchased from a former co-worker when she upgraded to a larger piece. The mirror and chandy were given to us by my mother in law when we purchased the family home. So….really, I could splurge on my chairs. That is what I tell myself.

This room still needs:

1. An area rug. We have a lovely one we will most likely use, which belonged to my husbands Grandfather

2. Sconces on either side of the mirror, like below…

3. A fabric buffet table I previously blogged about here for the opposite wall, using fabric I already own.

Now that I have the time to get all my ideas in order, I will be regularly posting the progress. Hooray.



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In Love…

Is it possible to be in love with a piece of furniture? I think so. Want to know what I have fallen for? Eva Zeisel’s coffee table. I just ordered this for my mother in law’s room I am working on which I had previously blogged about here. I may have shed a single tear as I purchased this wishing that it was for me. Sigh! At least when I visit my in law’s I can pet it and stare at it for hours on end instead of lusting after it in the store.

One day I will have this table. When my hypothetical children (yet to be born) are all grown up and moved away, I will own this. Do you have any pieces of furniture, or decor items that are slightly beyond your reach at the moment? Share with us…



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Our apologies…

Hi everyone! Just wanted to confirm that yes, we are alive and well! So sorry we’ve been bad bloggers! Real life has caught up to us once again and Susan and I have just been SO busy at work and other adventures, we’ve neglected you. Well that is all over today, because I’m back with a few pieces of inspiration to share with you!

The boyfriend and I have been discussing re-decorating (and/or decorating at all) our bedroom this year. We’re on a super tight budget these days, so this will definitely be a long term project, but I think I’ve found the perfect start off point! This beautiful rug from Williams Sonoma Home. Yes, you heard me WSH — usually not for those of us who are budget conscious, but they’ve just come out with a line of casual rugs with more affordable prices. This beauty is only $148 for a 6×9, and it definitely falls in line with my love for all things ikat!

Printed Diamond Ikat Rug

Other options I’ve been looking into is an upholstered bed. Of course, who doesn’t love the Crate and Barrel Colette bed, but what’s not to love is the price. Well, one of our favorite bloggers, Camilla, from High Heeled Foot in the Door solved all my problems with her affordable ($270!) DIY Colette Bed! Hopefully, we’ll be taking on this project sometime this year too!

Finally — as a random aside – Rue Magazine comes out tomorrow, and I for one, am super excited! I’ll be back with some love for Rue tomorrow, as I’m sure it’s going to be an inspiration to us all!

Until then, our apologies to you all for leaving you in the dark, dark world of the internet, all alone. We promise we’ll be better bloggers. Until then, welcome to fall!


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My bedroom in need of HELP

HELP! Sending out an SOS. I need something to go above our bed in the master. Currently the wall is bare and super boring. Check it out…

I have a few options and need some help on deciding what to do. I would love to do a sculptured piece and below are my favorite choices. Love this Kenneth Wingard sculpture found here. Don’t love the price tag.

This one found here, is lovely too.

This one is a bit more rustic from Pottery Barn, but the price tag makes me want to cry.

While shopping for a new coffee table over the weekend, (more to come on that soon) I spied this modern wall art from Crate and Barrel.

The new West Elm catalog had this pretty cluster that caught my eye too.

So what do you think? Which would spice up the space the most??



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