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Mad Men Design and DWR Contest

Hi Everyone. I have a confession: I am a crazy, crazy, crazy, Mad Men fan. No seriously, the Mister and I are OBSESSED with the show. Every Friday night, we come home from a long day at work crack open a bottle of red wine and devour reruns of the show. Then, we have dinner and chat about all the characters and plot lines. I am so emotionally attached to this show on so many levels, I can’t put it into words. I am also crazed about the costumes and set design. So naturally when Lyn brought to my attention that Design Within Reach is hosting a contest for the season 4 premiere of the show, (for details click here) I had to write a post and share it with all of you. (Though I am secretly hoping none of you enter because I want to win). This is worth taking a few moments to enter. You could win an entire Mad Men themed living room. Yes, the whole deal. Wouldn’t this be amazing? Here are some of my absolute favorite shots of the set design.

Shot of the Draper’s Entryway

Betty Draper’s Kitchen
Draper’s Living Room
Draper’s Bedroom

Betty Re-design’s the Living Room, in Season 3
Set Designer explains the new Living Room…I want that white Hutch!

Happy Friday and good luck with the contest.



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Bathroom inspiration

Wowsers! Though I have no plans to renovate our bathroom any time soon (though I sure would like to – darn you yellow tile!!!!), I came across these pictures on Decor Demon of designer Betsy Burnham’s kids rooms, and geez louise are they awesome.

Are you kidding me with that snakeskin mirror, that wallpaper and those roman shades? I don't even know what to do with myself!

Loving the vintage looking, marble, black and white tile with the pop of red.

What I love about both of these is that it shows you can mix all different, colors, patterns and textures and a room can still come together and look fabulous. What I think makes it work in this bathroom, is the focus on the black and white color combo, so even though you are adding in other patterns and textures, really in the end, all it is, is a pop of color in the wallpaper and accessories.

So what do you guys think? Would you be bold enough to do this in your home?

 Enjoy! Lyn

*all images via  Decor Demon. Produced, written & directed by Brian Patrick Flynn, styled by Betsy Burnham, photographed by Sarah Dorio



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Dining Room Focal Wall Ideas

Hi there. I am puzzled about my dining room wall. I have been slowly trying to fix up this room and incorporate the style into the rest of my home. I am (no pun intended) hitting a wall.

My Bare and Un-Inspiring Dining Room Wall

I love symmetry, and so my first thought was to place pretty candle sconces on either side of the mirror. Though now I am thinking that a nice display of plates might allow me to play with asymmetry and break out of my comfort zone. Check out what Teresa from the lovely blog The Stamford Wife did here in her dining room.

Pretty Blue Plates=Lovely Art Wall

I have been inspired by plate art walls ever since I was a guest at the gorgeous Viceroy Hotel for a buying trip years ago. So maybe I am meant to have one of my very own some day. See below the massive grey and white display of plates from the poolside bar at the Viceroy.

Image Courtesy of Remodelista Blog

Also check out this post by Remodelista about decorating with plates. There are some amazing and inspiring images. Here are the plates that I am admiring and loving for my space. Images courtesy of the beautiful local Portland shop Cielo Home.

Wall Medallion, yes please

John Derian...oh how I love him

More John Derian...I want it all

And again, John Derian

Check out the full range of John Derian at Cielo Home here. Now I just need to save so I can buy all these pretty plates and create my own special wall of loveliness.

Happy Friday. I wish you fun times with friends, good food, and lot’s of sunshine.



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June Showers bring pretty Peonies

Here in Portland we have not seen the sun in weeks. The rain keeps coming, and coming relentlessly pouring from the sky. One happy thing I can report from all this dreariness is that my Peonies have never been prettier.

Peonies in the front yard

Upstairs Guest Bath

Oh Oregon, bring us some sunshine! Apparently we will have the warmest day of the year tomorrow, it’s about time. I have been enjoying gardening, but I am ready for a costume change. From rain boots and a waterproof jacket to shorts and a T shirt please!

Have a swell weekend!



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A pretty place to lunch…

Memorial Day weekend for me was spent in the lovely town of Sonoma. There are so many things I adore about Sonoma, and one of them happens to be the food. Wine country has such appreciation for food preparation, presentation, and quality. We take full advantage of the bounty (food and wine) while we are visiting. I just love exploring all the restaurants, and of course also love being inspired by the casual California decor. Below are some pictures of the beautiful E Kitchen at the El Dorado Hotel where we spent an afternoon sipping delectable wines and munching on excellent nosh.


Dining Room

I love the Big Sur communal table and the woven lighting. I also love that the only color you see here is Green. This is a theme in the entire first floor. The decor is an empty canvas so that the architecture of the interior shines as well as the thoughtfully selected furniture.

Another view

Kyoto chairs used here look so clean and sophisticated. These chairs are an excellent price for hard wood construction. Especially when you consider the fact that most chairs sold today at popular furniture stores are MDF. Even though the price just when up to $125.00, due to yearly percentage increases (darn! they were formerly $100.00) the quality and construction standards remain. I also love the varying sizes of vases on the shelves here, a la Jonathan Adler.


The “Mister” and I shared the warm olive platter as an appetizer. I highly recommend, this is not to be missed.

Patio Dining

The poolside/patio dining area is equally as beautiful. White, beige, and natural fibers play nicely here with the industrial steel Marais A chairs. Also, these chairs are well worth the investment. The story of how they came to be a Paris cafe stable is very interesting. Check out the info on these pretty chairs from DWR website: “The epitome of French café life, it’s rumored that Xavier Pauchard’s Marais A Chair (1934) was created for use in the weather forecasting room on a battleship. We asked the manufacturer about this, but even their records are unclear. Still, we do know that after its possible time at sea, the Marais was supplied to bars and brasseries by breweries in exchange for selling their beer. This arrangement ended in the 1970s, but that didn’t stop the demand for these durable chairs and stools made in France.” I just love a good “story” behind a piece of furniture, with a past like that you know these will never go out of style.

Have a lovely week! Cheers, Susan


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Ikat obsession…

I need to make a confession — I’m OBSESSED with Ikat! I can’t get enough, and I really think it’s becoming a problem. Every time I consider what fabrics I want to include in various projects in my LOVELY home, ikat always jumps to the top of the list. Fortunately, I’m not made of money to buy fabric with, so I’ve only been able to complete one of the ikat projects, which I’ll feature here next week. 

In the meantime, I was looking at Habitually Chic the other day and noticed the beautiful Hampton home of Christina and Chris Cuomo. Besides just being generally fantastic, it features some great statement pieces made of my favorite — IKAT! Check out this settee and chairs. Oh baby!

Hampton Home - via Habitually Chic

Hampton Home via Habitually Chic

Wowsers — I sure could use all of those (as well as pretty much everything else in this house) in mine. Those mirrored tables, don’t get me started.

Hope you enjoy these pretty images to inspire you for the weekend. We’ll be finalizing our garage project (HOORAY!!!), and getting our house prepped to complete our last projects in the main house too. Happy Friday!

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