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Backyard update

As I talked about in my backyard dream post, we’ve embarked on a backyard renovation, as one of our many projects at our Portland Bungalow. While it’s still not quite up to snuff, it’s waaaayyy better than it used to be. We’re no longer ashamed when we have friends over. In fact, we can actually enjoy spending time out there, instead of looking out our back windows in terror about what might be growing on its own. 

Let’s do a little before and a not quite finished after. 


Backyard photo from realtors website. Luckily, when we moved in that crazy awning thing was moved out.

Side view of the garage


In progress, after: 




So how did we get to our progress so far? We added in a stamped concrete patio and retaining wall. A pathway back to our garage apartment made from the pavers used in our old patio. Two planting beds in the back that we’re growing some delicious veggies in. Grass on the bottom and top (not included in these pictures) and some plants here and there. We’ve got posts in the ground for a pergola to shade our patio, but haven’t finished that up quite yet. I’ll update you all with pictures of the final pictures once we get it all finished this summer. 

Finally — see that teak patio set? We got it for the smoking deal of the century up the street at the Stars Antique mall, I blogged about recently. This puppy came home with us for $95 for the four piece set! That’s less than even a chair would have cost us at most places. Granted, it has a little wear and tear on it, but we had planned on not buying a long term investment set of patio furniture for out here for the time being. I say, if we can even use it for 2 years, it was one of the best buys we have ever found! We’ll be sprucing it up with a little sanding an oiling shortly. Can’t wait to enjoy some summer dinners on it! 

Look out for some final pictures in the coming weeks! Let us know if you need any tips, tricks, or resources for your own backyard updates. 

– Lyn



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Back Patio Progress

Left Window Box Before

And After

Here is a before and after of my back patio window boxes. I didn’t get a snap shot of the other side, but it looks just the same. I was so sad to remove the overgrown pansies, though it was a MUST as they were growing out of control and would not have lasted through the summer. So I bought these pretty annuals pictured above which will hopefully spread about, trail down (fingers crossed), and last me through October. I went with pentunia’s, million belles, some cascading white flower (which I totally forgot the name of), and two variations of coleus. I am experimenting with different types of flowers to see what flourishes in these boxes. This area has plenty of mid day sun, with some afternoon shade. I bought these lovely blooms at Dennis Seven Dees. This amazing garden center is the place we purchased our front porch swirly trees, which I adore and will blog about later. However, the prices are not the greatest in town. I do have to say that the quality of the plants is unmatched. Do you guys have any particular annual you love to use in pots or flower boxes? Share with us…

Happy Friday!


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