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California Window Shopping

Hi Everyone. I have been a bit distracted as we just found out the sex of our baby. A boy! So exciting, I can’t wait to post new nursery accent ideas that lean more “male inspired.” The Mister says he has to approve all my selections. Somehow he thought that a bronze vintage chandelier was not “boy” enough. The nerve! More to come on that.

A couple weeks ago the Mister and I were in LA watching the Oregon Ducks takedown the USC Trojans. The day before the game, I strolled around Fashion Island in Newport with family for some much needed girl time. While there, I came across a Room Service store, which I have always wanted to visit. Below are some poor i-phone shots I took of the fabulousness.

Check out this headboard and mirror. Not to mention the canvas of Old Blue Eyes and Bridget Bardot.

Loved this Burl Wood Table

This set-up of reminded me of my student days abroad in London strolling down Neil Street

If I ever own a boutique, this is the chair I will sit in to ring up customers.

Or maybe this one…

We also checked out the Jonathan Adler store. I have been to his location in downtown LA, but this one seemed larger and way more laid back. Again, please excuse the i-phone.


I adore the Maurice lamps, and didn’t know until now that there was a ceiling version. Sigh, this would look so good over my kitchen island.

The black Genie lamp I have been lusting after for years. Isn’t it so pretty?

These lamps I had only seen online and I love them even more in person. The pillow wall was pretty tempting, look at all that color.

We are so excited for a healthy baby boy…but if we ever have a girl, I might have to reference this pic for her room. The mirrors, and that lamps? Can it get and cuter? The pillows, the headboard. Love it.

I will need somewhere comfy to sit while I read her a story and I think this red chair is perfect. Ok, it’s burned into my mental rolodex.

I wonder if my Mister would go for giraffe wall sconces. Very masculine. All boys/men like giraffes. Right?

The next night we were doing this, as the Ducks cleared the stadium in the 4th quarter.

Happy Monday.



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Weekend Window Shopping

This weekend I was out and about around PDX browsing for a client. That’s right you read this correctly, a client. We have an exciting announcement, we have landed our first official design job. More to come on that later this week, for now I want to share with you some of the pretty objects I spied while I was strolling around town.

Here are some lovely little things from  Thea’s Vintage Shop in the Pearl.

Vintage Tin Letters, a screaming deal and so fun to spell out a name, saying, or special word in all different colors and fonts

Teal, coral, and gold lamp. Yes, please!

Vintage British trolley sign, I'll take one! Or two, or three.

Love that glass dome. Could be used for cheese, or to display a pretty object or heirloom.

Recovered, re-furbished chair. I love you!

Recovered, re-furbished chair. I love you!

Re-furbished chair. Lovely, wait till you see the back...

Back is covered in vintage trolly sign!!! Amazing!

Lastly, chandeliers galore. You know Lyn and I love chandy's!!! These are real gems.



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