Working Weekend…

This weekend I am working. Normally I would be real ticked about that, but this is FUN work. A few weeks ago I posted my preliminary ideas for my Mom’s upcoming beach home construction here. She and her friends loved my ideas, so I am consulting on a few other rooms in the home. Exciting? I think so. Above is a rough 10 minute attempt at one of the guest rooms. Pulled from West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, and All Modern. We will see how everything comes together tomorrow on our shopping trip. Weekend work=shopping which is always a recipe for a good time.

Happy Weekend.




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Our apologies…

Hi everyone! Just wanted to confirm that yes, we are alive and well! So sorry we’ve been bad bloggers! Real life has caught up to us once again and Susan and I have just been SO busy at work and other adventures, we’ve neglected you. Well that is all over today, because I’m back with a few pieces of inspiration to share with you!

The boyfriend and I have been discussing re-decorating (and/or decorating at all) our bedroom this year. We’re on a super tight budget these days, so this will definitely be a long term project, but I think I’ve found the perfect start off point! This beautiful rug from Williams Sonoma Home. Yes, you heard me WSH — usually not for those of us who are budget conscious, but they’ve just come out with a line of casual rugs with more affordable prices. This beauty is only $148 for a 6×9, and it definitely falls in line with my love for all things ikat!

Printed Diamond Ikat Rug

Other options I’ve been looking into is an upholstered bed. Of course, who doesn’t love the Crate and Barrel Colette bed, but what’s not to love is the price. Well, one of our favorite bloggers, Camilla, from High Heeled Foot in the Door solved all my problems with her affordable ($270!) DIY Colette Bed! Hopefully, we’ll be taking on this project sometime this year too!

Finally — as a random aside – Rue Magazine comes out tomorrow, and I for one, am super excited! I’ll be back with some love for Rue tomorrow, as I’m sure it’s going to be an inspiration to us all!

Until then, our apologies to you all for leaving you in the dark, dark world of the internet, all alone. We promise we’ll be better bloggers. Until then, welcome to fall!


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Re-covering an ottoman

Hi There! I am pleased to announce that my ottoman re-covering project is now complete. Last night the Mister and I tackled this fun little job that I had previously blogged about here. I saw the idea on one of my favorite blogs, Caitlin Creer Interiors and decided to try it out for our own home. I had been searching for a lovely Chevron and Lyn found this one for me. Thanks friend! I had purchased the ottoman from Home Goods for $54.00, which I got for 10% off because of a small tear in the ugly fake leather. No biggie, as I had planned on covering that up as soon as possible. The original intention was to use 2 of these ottomans and make a coffee table. This idea, though economical, was just not right for the space. So instead, we purchased a new coffee table (which I’ll post pics of as soon as it arrives) and decided to use this as a true ottoman/footrest for the chair in our sunroom.

Here is the before shot…

First, we pulled off the backing carefully so we could re-use it. Since the corners were sewn down, we didn’t have the option to pop it off, cover, and reattach. We had to be a bit crafty. So we used a staple gun to secure each side, making sure our pattern was straight on top.

Next was the tricky part. We had to cut the corners and create a fold. Then slice the fabric short at the corners in order to stuff it up under the legs with a kitchen knife. (I know, we are sort of novice at this) I think we did a pretty good job with the folding and the stuffing…

The finished product…

What do you think of my project? A success? Any pointers on how you have tackled this type of project in the past?

My sun room is almost complete. I can’t wait to share the finished pics with you next week when the new coffee table arrives.



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Ideas galore for a lovely beach house

My parents and their friends are building a beach house on the Oregon coast. I was so happy when my parents told me, and immediatly the designer in me began spinning my wheels, and shuffling through my mental inspiration files. So I was delighted when my mom asked me to come up with an inspiring mood board as she and her friends embark on this journey.

First we needed a guiding light. Enter the best movie set beach house of all time. The house from “Something’s Gotta Give.” You know it. Check it out. I would move here in a minute, would you?

Dreamy Kitchen! This reminds me of the Barefoot Contessa kitchen.

Shot from the opposite side.

The cozy living room

And a shot from the other side

There are so many things to LOVE about this house and if you have seen the movie you know that it is visual eye candy for 2 solid hours. I just love that the entire scheme is white, blue, and neutral with subtle punches of color. (No shells, or cheesy beach signs in sight). Also, the materials are natural which allows the coastal feel to take center stage.

Here are my slightly more modern picks for the house. Just to wet the palette, later I’ll post my full mood board.

Starting with the new Oasis couch from Crate and Barrel. I promise, this is so much more lovely in person.

To be accented with Thomas Paul pillows. You know he’s my favorite.

Moby Dick pillow

Anchor pillow

This fish pillow because mixing orange and blue is a fun way to add in some pop

Wood Chandy

Crate and Barrel side table

To mimic the rug in the inspiration picture, pretty some fabric

I have many more ideas to come. I just need to sort through all of my thoughts.


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My bedroom in need of HELP

HELP! Sending out an SOS. I need something to go above our bed in the master. Currently the wall is bare and super boring. Check it out…

I have a few options and need some help on deciding what to do. I would love to do a sculptured piece and below are my favorite choices. Love this Kenneth Wingard sculpture found here. Don’t love the price tag.

This one found here, is lovely too.

This one is a bit more rustic from Pottery Barn, but the price tag makes me want to cry.

While shopping for a new coffee table over the weekend, (more to come on that soon) I spied this modern wall art from Crate and Barrel.

The new West Elm catalog had this pretty cluster that caught my eye too.

So what do you think? Which would spice up the space the most??



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A sneak peak of my backyard…and front porch

Yesterday afternoon while snapping a few shots of the front porch, I proceeded to lock myself out. So, as I waited for the Mister to get home, I was able to do some yard  work I had been planning on getting to this weekend. Oh well, it was a nice evening and allowed me some time to trim, water, and tend to some of my plants. I have not described my property before, but it is pretty intimidating. We purchased my husbands childhood home last October from my in laws, so this is our first summer. My mother in law has a bright green thumb and I was really nervous to take on the job of caring for her 26 year old plants. Yikes. I do have to say that we have done a pretty swell job (so far). Just check out how well the hydrangeas are doing…

And the Clematis is looking green and very much alive…

My favorite project of the spring/summer though has been the front porch swirly trees. (not the name, but I like to call them that) Below is a pic of the day I brought them home from the nursery.

And after a few pretty annuals (sweet potato vines and begonias) and a few months of watering, this is what we have.

I think I am turning out to have a light green thumb, pretty good for my first summer in the new place! I love gardening, it’s like decor for the outside of your home. What about you guys?…Any small or big outdoor projects you have underway? I know Lyn has a doozy and will be blogging the full progress soon.



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A “Betty Draper” for your own home

I was over on Caitlin Creer Interiors, one of Susan and my favorite blogs and came across a feature she did the other day about artist Leslie Graff’s paintings. I had to post them because I know Susan will love them. You see, as she’s said in a previous post she (and now I) are obsessed with Mad Men. We’re evening planning a Mad Men night out on the town with our fellas, where we’ll eat  at a classic Portland establishment ((most likely 5,000 oysters if my boyfriend has anything to do with it) and drink Martini’s and Gimlets until we have to cab it home. So in honor of Susan’s love, here are  a few of my favorite Leslie Graff paintings.

*all images copyright Leslie Graff

Loving the black and white floors in these and the vintage fixtures/style of them. I know Susan will too!

If you can’t afford a full painting and what to keep it cheap. She has cards of all of the paintings in the series, which would be easy to frame and hang together.

 Also, full pricing for all of her prints are below.

Giclee on paper:
12″ x 18″ = $30 plus shipping
20″ x 30″ = $60 plus shiping

Canvas prints:
12″ x 18″ = $40 plus shipping
20″ x 30″ = $90 plus shipping

Hope you enjoy them! Would you hang these in your home?

– Lyn

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