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A break, and other news

Hi All. We have been on a break, a long one. One month to be exact. Lyn has been crazy busy at work, and I have been crazy busy at life. A month ago, I decided to leave my job in product creation of 5 years, to pursue this blog full-time. I will also take on design work and projects on a part-time basis. I am super excited to have some more time on my hands to work on my own projects, as well as be available to help others with their home decor/improvement needs.

In other “big news” I just made a really important purchase. New dining room chairs. I have been spying/coveting these chairs for years and I finally saved enough to get them. (Also had some serious convincing to do with the Mister). Check out below and please understand that the dining room is a work in progress.

These are the Victoria Ghost chairs. I purchased from a local store here in Portland, Hive Modern. They were outstanding to work with, delivery was prompt and courteous. Before you freak at what I paid for the chairs, I have to explain the rest of the furniture in the space. The table was given to us by a dear family friend. (It is an antique Duncan Phyfe) We only paid to refinish the top, which I was told is rare Honduran mahogany. Score! The houndstooth parsons chairs were a housewarming gift from my mom and dad. Thanks! The solid wood antique hutch was $200.00, I purchased from a former co-worker when she upgraded to a larger piece. The mirror and chandy were given to us by my mother in law when we purchased the family home. So….really, I could splurge on my chairs. That is what I tell myself.

This room still needs:

1. An area rug. We have a lovely one we will most likely use, which belonged to my husbands Grandfather

2. Sconces on either side of the mirror, like below…

3. A fabric buffet table I previously blogged about here for the opposite wall, using fabric I already own.

Now that I have the time to get all my ideas in order, I will be regularly posting the progress. Hooray.




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In Love…

Is it possible to be in love with a piece of furniture? I think so. Want to know what I have fallen for? Eva Zeisel’s coffee table. I just ordered this for my mother in law’s room I am working on which I had previously blogged about here. I may have shed a single tear as I purchased this wishing that it was for me. Sigh! At least when I visit my in law’s I can pet it and stare at it for hours on end instead of lusting after it in the store.

One day I will have this table. When my hypothetical children (yet to be born) are all grown up and moved away, I will own this. Do you have any pieces of furniture, or decor items that are slightly beyond your reach at the moment? Share with us…



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Mad Men Design and DWR Contest

Hi Everyone. I have a confession: I am a crazy, crazy, crazy, Mad Men fan. No seriously, the Mister and I are OBSESSED with the show. Every Friday night, we come home from a long day at work crack open a bottle of red wine and devour reruns of the show. Then, we have dinner and chat about all the characters and plot lines. I am so emotionally attached to this show on so many levels, I can’t put it into words. I am also crazed about the costumes and set design. So naturally when Lyn brought to my attention that Design Within Reach is hosting a contest for the season 4 premiere of the show, (for details click here) I had to write a post and share it with all of you. (Though I am secretly hoping none of you enter because I want to win). This is worth taking a few moments to enter. You could win an entire Mad Men themed living room. Yes, the whole deal. Wouldn’t this be amazing? Here are some of my absolute favorite shots of the set design.

Shot of the Draper’s Entryway

Betty Draper’s Kitchen
Draper’s Living Room
Draper’s Bedroom

Betty Re-design’s the Living Room, in Season 3
Set Designer explains the new Living Room…I want that white Hutch!

Happy Friday and good luck with the contest.


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