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Lovely Lamps

My client (aka my mother) asked me to find the perfect lamps for her new construction beach house I have been working on. Check out these pretty options I found, which were adored and purchased right away. I can’t wait to see how they look in the finished space.

Wisteria Baluster Outline Lamp can be found here.


I love how these give the illusion of a full lamp yet use the negative space, as they are really just the outlined shape. What is your favorite lamp shape lately?




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Thomas Paul Fall Preview!

Susan and I have talked about our love for Thomas Paul several times here and here. Well I was checking out Design Sponge yesterday (t-minus 5 days until they are here in Portland!), and they were kind enough to put up the fall preview of Thomas Paul’s line. OH BABY! There are some gems in there. Our favorites of the bunch are:

These fantastic chevron pillows. You know Susan’s current love of chevron from her upcoming upholstery project.

Octopus shower curtain! I think this might be just the thing to spruce up our sad little bathroom. Yellow, yellow everywhere, needs just a touch of whimsy.

Horse throws! My personal obsession for horse decor is also well documented, here and here. I need to make a confession about that too. Honestly, I’m scared of horses in real life. Every time I’m around them I’m terrifed, so I really can’t explain why I think they are so awesome in my home. I’m been lusting after some horse photographs for awhile now too. Sorry for the random aside…

*All images via Design Sponge

Anyway – what do you think about the fall collection? You can check out more of a preview over on Design Sponge.


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Blog Love – Absolutely Beautiful Things

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I’m back today to showcase a blog I go to often for inspiration called absolutely beautiful things. Anna Spiro is the author of the blog, a proud Australian, as well as store owner of Black and Spiro, which has just undergone a major facelift. We’re lucky enough to see the finished product of the store refinishing, featured on her blog. Not only do I love Anna’s personal decorating style, which is filled with bold colors and a touch of whimsy, but my younger sister lives in Australia and I love to think about her one day going to the store and checking it out for me! I hope to visit her there one day, so I can check out all of the amazing style inspiration (and because I love her!!). Until then, these images from Anna’s store opening will have to suffice.

White walls, black glossy and pops of color? You had me at hello!

Anna's skirted tutu desk at her shop. So whimsical!

While I'm not normally a big pink fan, I love this room for inspiration on using color and pattern together. What a bold way to decorate!

So what do you guys think? Do you love Anna’s shop? Has anyone been to Australia to check out their fun and casual style? A couple of other inspiring Australian decor sites — The wonderful blog Ish and Chi and their magazine a la Domino, Real Living.

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Interesting Perspective…

Hi All,

My sis in law sent me this really incredible article from the New York Times. The author examines a book published in 1950 by industrial designers Mary and Russel Wright. The book was called “Guide to Easier Living.” I was really struck by this and I’m interested to hear what you think of it. The article can be found here. The Wright’s played a huge part in the way we live today, I did not know this. Another interesting point of the article was that in the quest to make things more “simple” it seems we have added more complication to our lives. I strive to keep things simplistic around my home, and I find that from what I read of other blogs like mine, so do all of you.

So what do you make of this? I really want to know…


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Bathroom inspiration

Wowsers! Though I have no plans to renovate our bathroom any time soon (though I sure would like to – darn you yellow tile!!!!), I came across these pictures on Decor Demon of designer Betsy Burnham’s kids rooms, and geez louise are they awesome.

Are you kidding me with that snakeskin mirror, that wallpaper and those roman shades? I don't even know what to do with myself!

Loving the vintage looking, marble, black and white tile with the pop of red.

What I love about both of these is that it shows you can mix all different, colors, patterns and textures and a room can still come together and look fabulous. What I think makes it work in this bathroom, is the focus on the black and white color combo, so even though you are adding in other patterns and textures, really in the end, all it is, is a pop of color in the wallpaper and accessories.

So what do you guys think? Would you be bold enough to do this in your home?

 Enjoy! Lyn

*all images via  Decor Demon. Produced, written & directed by Brian Patrick Flynn, styled by Betsy Burnham, photographed by Sarah Dorio



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